My first post

Welcome everyone to the Knowledge Futures blog.  This is the first post.

Just something to get up there and I will fill all this out with more fulsome information in due course.


5 Responses to My first post

  1. Nerida Hart says:

    Congratulations Luke – at last we can get your words of wisdom on a regular basis

  2. Mark Schenk says:

    Hi Luke, and welcome to the blogosphere. It is high time you go this underway and I look forward to reading your insights on a regular basis. Now, how to get Nerida blogging…?

  3. Mark – thanks for the welcome. I’m not sure if I want to get Nerida blogging! Just keeping track of her emails is enough information for me! 🙂

  4. This is not the Luke Naismith of the Monash Zoology faculty fame ?
    If so your insights into animal behaviour will give you great insight into the complex world of KM.

  5. Nerida Hart says:

    Thank you Luke and Mark – I much prefer to comment on both of you rather than blogging myself 😎

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