FEARLESS (the movie), synchronicity and resisting power imbalances

For Father’s Day, the family went to see the movie, Fearless, this morning.  It stars Jet Li playing Huo Yuan Jia, a martial arts master in China in the very early 1900’s.  It showed a bit more blood than the old David Carradine Kung Fu shows which was a bit much for my daughter unfortunately!  The movie was a classic Hero’s story and it was intriguing watching it unfold in the various stages (Call to action, denial, mentor’s advice, transformation, return, overcoming obstacles, etc).

The movie spoke about power imbalances and approaches to counteract them.  The message was that violent revenge is our enemy and that one needs to use martial arts for self-discipline and inner development rather than violence.  A very similar message to my last blog post on resisting power through rebellious acts of insubordination from a different sort of Hero.  I was intrigued about the synchronicity of that post yesterday and seeing this movie today (since I had no idea of the similar themes).  Synchronicity is often a sign or symbol of some message that we are meant to be open towards.

I think the universe is advising me to consider some alternative means of addressing the power balance at work with a current task that I will be completing over the next couple of months.  Simply providing an intelligent product will not be sufficient; it will need to be encapsulated around some stories and subtle techniques to address some of the issues that will be confronted.  Sorry about the cryptic nature of the remarks but some people at work might be reading these entries!


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