Malaysia – Useful Tips for Holidays

This post is not on the subject of knowledge management or futures.  Rather it is a bit of a travelogue on our recent family holiday to Malaysia.  We went to Langkawi, KL, Taman Negara, Kota Bahru and the Perhentian Islands.

Langkawi – thoroughly recommend as preferred destination to Penang.  We stayed at the Mutiara Burau Bay which had a decent pool for the kids, good TV for the kids and was in the midst of lots of rainforest with monkeys and squirrels and birds for Luke.  Rates are a bit on the expensive side though and I’d much prefer to go back to Perhentian for clearer water and the beach scene than here (which is bigger and has greater cultural activities and waterfalls, etc)

Kuala Lumpur – shopping is much better in China than Malaysia.  KL is OK but after a day we wanted to get out into the country.

Taman Negara National Park – about four hours drive east of KL – an area of pristine lowland rainforest.  Always wanted to go there.  The place to stay is Travellers Home.  It’s a Swiss style B&B, Hamid and Rebecca and the crew are extremely friendly hosts and they have great knowledge of the local wildlife. A true home away from home and really quiet away from the resort life. 

Perhentian Islands off the north-east coast – we stayed at Tuna Bay Resort.  Step out of your room, walk 5 metres to the sand, walk another 10 metres to the water, don snorkel and mask and swim in with the tropical fish.  Beer available for when you come out from the water.  A wonderful end to the holiday.

Now – back to work Luke!


2 Responses to Malaysia – Useful Tips for Holidays

  1. Pin says:

    Sounds a nice trip. Do you visit Penang or Malacca?

  2. No – did not get to either of those places Pin – maybe next time!

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