Collective Nouns for Knowledge Managers

There was a post on act-km recently about what would be a collective noun for knowledge managers. For a bit of fun, I had a think and considered that the collective noun depends on the type of knowledge managers:

For those who are more technologically inclined, perhaps a pod of knowledge managers (with links here to Arthur Shelley’s organisational zoo characters with the whale being the cool techno-dude, also links here to techos at work in workstation pods).

For those who are more content based – perhaps a catalogue or a page of knowledge managers (or for more librarian based collective nouns, see

For those who are more people and social network based – perhaps a collaboration of knowledge managers

For those who are into stories and narrative – perhaps if it is a storytelling of crows, then maybe it should be a crow of knowledge managers.

And finally, for those who are more philosophical in their orientation to KM – perhaps a ponder of knowledge managers

And when all of these sorts of knowledge managers get together at conferences and meetings, perhaps they form a disconnect of knowledge managers ?????

Patrick Lambe on his blog prefers the collective notion of a clutch of knowledge managers – I think he might be clutching at straws with this one!


One Response to Collective Nouns for Knowledge Managers

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