2007 Upcoming Conferences

As usual, there is a host of forthcoming conferences that seem like they would be great to attend.  These include:

National People and Organisational Development Summit – great speakers including Malcolm Gladwell, Daniel Pink, Richard Hames.  Sydney, 6-8 February

Happiness and Its Causes – Dalai Lama, Howard Cutler and a number of good pre-and post-conference workshops – Sydney again, 14-15 June

actKM 2007 conference – Canberra, late October.  I’ve been going to their conferences for the past few years and they’re a great bunch.  This year they might look to do something with more workshops and networking and less talking heads.  Doing KM, rather than talking KM.  Why don’t more KM conferences actually embrace what KM is about rather than just talk about it?

 I might not get to go along to any of these conferences.  I am busy organising an internal Justice conference at the moment which is a nice challenge.  If anyone does get to go along to the other conferences, particularly NPODS, I’d be interested in hearing your thoughts. 


2 Responses to 2007 Upcoming Conferences

  1. Thanks Luke,

    Hadn’t heard about the NPODS one – looks quite handy.
    Interesting speakers.

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