Another 2007 Conference – Spiral Dynamics Certification

Isn’t it always the way when you write a post (or finish a paper) that you then notice something else that you feel that you should have added? 

Another conference/workshop has come on my radar for 2007.  It’s the Spiral Dynamics certification course.  I first heard about SD through the foresight course at Swinburne from a few practitioners and since then I’ve read more widely on it.  It is one of the best models that I have seen for explaining human nature and the trajectory for change.  I use it as a principal framing model for other personal developmental theories including Piaget, Kohlberg and Cook-Greuter.  I recently read the book “The Never Ending Quest” which detailed the evidence and story behind the development of this model.  It showed that when life problems are solved at a particular level, new existential ones emerge which require the activation of additional neuropsychological equipment in the brain.  The process continues and it shows that Utopia is never reached, just new problems emerge.

It’s an incredibly deep and rich source of material, profound in its application to individuals and organisations alike.  I’ve always wanted to do the course, now it’s just a matter of trying to source the funds to actually participate.


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