Putting climate change on the front burner

My good friend and fellow Melbourne futurist Stephen McGrail has an article in The Age today.  Stephen is a consultant at Futureye. He discusses how climate change has now become a major issue for most businesses whereas only last year, it was considered as something to worry about later.  Drought, water crises and Al Gore have changed the landscape. 

Stephen goes further to note the uncertain outlooks for the next decade or two.  From extreme points of view of radical reductions in carbon emissions to slowly, slowly approaches that set more modest emission targets.  He advocates organisations to adopt proven foresight tools to make sense of the future and test the resilience of current strategies and practices.

That Tim Flannery has been named Australian of the Year (yet another scientist gets the gong!) adds further height to the “tsunami of change” that is building on climate change.  In Flannery’s interview on the 7.30 report tonight, he mentioned that we have lost a decade in our response to climate change which means that more radical changes are required.  Hardly good news but there is still hope. 

Well done Stephen on getting the article published and making the back page. Now to get futures on the front page…


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