Intuition in Entrepreneurial Managers

 Nice to see the guys at the Brain Institute at Swinburne picking up on one of the mysteries of human existence: how some people have an intuitive sense that something is about to happen before it actually occurs. 

They conducted experiments with serial entrepreneurs by assessing their physiological states prior to making decisions and confirming whether those decisions were successful or not.  These people tend to make decisions based on gut feel rather than cognitively based analytical decisions.  The experiments identified that there was an autonomous nervous system response prior to a decision being made and prior to the presentation of the result.  Particularly interesting were the significant differences in the psycho-physiological responses prior to when a successful decision was made as compared with an unsuccessful decision, even before the decision was made.  In other words, some level of autonomic precognition was occurring – the body was responding without normal sensory input before the brain had worked it out. 

From my 6 eyes of knowledge, I wonder whether this is intuition or insight.  It certainly has presentiment, whether that be through quantum physics or microvita or some other form of vibrational energy yet to be properly scientifically assessed.  Perhaps insight then is more about the aspects of the brain of the individual, accessing creative knowledge that comes out of the blue whereas intuition is more relationship and emotion-based as it tends to be directed from others. 

The study makes mention of the Zohar and Marshall book, Spiritual Intelligence – a most interesting read and one tht I would recommend for many who are a little out there in their thought patterns (not just straight analytical!).  I can’t track it down in the bookshelf so must have lent it to somebody.  The book states (lucky I took some notes!) that spiritual intelligence represents a dynamic wholeness of self in which the self is at one with itself and with the whole of creation, it an intelligence to address and solve problems of meaning and value.

More information on the study see:

Ambit Gambit on the press release. 
The summary of the article
Another abstract
A 19 page pdf of a previous paper about the study


2 Responses to Intuition in Entrepreneurial Managers

  1. This is fascinating. I’m sure to some degree a “quantum affect” resides in some people more than others, but I wonder if it is the ability for entrepreneurs to utilize anecdotes and contextual stories rather than data that permits them successful gut reactions. Those that seek, as you referred to as cognitively based analytics, are trapped and in a data cycle and endless search for “best practices”–spoiling an opportunity to act while the iron is hot. An entrepreneur’s ability to find success in gut reactions says a lot about the misappropriated value decision makers often put in answers derived from information banks. I really enjoyed your piece…great stuff!

  2. Smoky says:

    I knew I was gonna write this. Does this count?


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