Saving Your A.R.S.E.

Cory Banks, a regular actKM list participant, wrote recently of his desire to find a name to describe why findings from coaching materials for After Action Reviews should be recorded and made available for people who were unable to participate directly. These people could be current or future fellow workers. Intelligently, he is using anecdotes to develop the system.

I came up with the term to call the system:

After Review Story Encyclopedia. 

One of my favorite public sector managers once passed me a four page document which had a post-it note and the letters CYA on it for Covering Your (Posterior).  I thought that implementing and documenting after action reviews should be similarly framed around the issue of saving one’s aforementioned posterior.  Have you saved your A.R.S.E. today makes for a good byline to keep people  enthused and build up the knowledgebase. You could also be saving someone else’s tomorrow by documenting lessons today! 

Some people liked the notion of the After Review Story Encyclopedia and so I thought that I would mention it here as well.  Of course the phrase could not be used in real life, could it?  What if it is full of crap?  Can’t get anything out of it (constipated).  You might need to add some more documents (fibre).  But anally retentive accountants and progammers would surely love it!


2 Responses to Saving Your A.R.S.E.

  1. Arjun Thomas says:

    Nice concept!! 🙂

  2. Maybe the “repository” where all these stories are kept should be referred to as the ARSE Knowledgebase and the search engine used to ArSeK (pronounced ASK), sounds better than “exploratory suppository”. Probably more inviting as well. As with all search engines, the age old issue will be how to sort out the interesting bits from the surrounding crap. 🙂

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