Brian Bacon presentation

This week I attended a highly entertaining and informative workshop by Brian Bacon, a leading strategy and management consultant from the Oxford Leadership Academy.  There were some great one-liners that I thought that I’d share.  Many were attributed to others and have been quoted many times before (and I won’t attribute them here for brevity).

  • “A leader never reacts” – but observes, understands then acts decisively. 
  • The conversation is the relationship.
  • Leadership is a potent combination of strategy and character but if you have to be without one, be without a strategy.
  • Strategy rarely survives contact with the enemy but character persists.
  • Vision without execution is hallucination.
  • Plans are just frisbees.
  • Successful organisations have a combination of focus, will and capability.  Missing one means that you might, could or would do it but in all likelihood, won’t do it.
  • Execution is about alignment and engagement.
  • The shadow of a leader is very wide.

Lots of food for thought.  There was a reflective self-management leadership exercise at the end which was quite like Theory U and Presence in its style. 


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