Happy 1st Birthday Knowledge Futures Blog

Well it is one year today (22 August) since I published the first post on the Knowledge Futures blog. 

I had no real plans when I set out to have a set number of posts per week or any other goals.  Simply, I wanted to enter the blogosphere world, test the medium personally, self-publish some little snippets that I thought were interesting, and engage with others in the virtual world.  The kick up the bum to get me started was the KM Australia conference last year when I talked about infoluenza and people wanted to find out more about it (that paper still has not been written and is not going to be for a while yet!).  I’m happy to say that the word infoluenza is now in the web lexicon from which it has gone from zero (only misspellings) to 30 or so sites on a google search where you can find a reference to it. 

For those who are interested, in the past year, there have been 88 blog posts of which about two thirds were in the first six months.  I think I am just a bit busier these days – I certainly feel it! There have been about 10,000 page views.   I’ve had more comments (excluding spam) than posts which I’ll take as a good sign.  My technorati ranking is 15.  And I’m constantly amazed at the search results that people use to track down this site.

Enough of the history – what of the plans for the second year of the knowledgefutures blog.  I’m not sure what is in store. One of my main struggles is the tension that I have in blogging on work-related matters.  As a public servant, I am unable to publish many of the things that I do at work which otherwise go unreported (and there are some really interesting things there!).    There are as far as I know no blogs by public servants in Victoria apart from VPSCIN.

So I have only one goal for the next year and that is there will be at least 100 posts in the next year (that’s two per week and I feel comfortable that this is achievable).

Do any of the readers out there have any other goals that I should strive for?  Happy for them to be stretch goals but I do have other priorities in my life!


6 Responses to Happy 1st Birthday Knowledge Futures Blog

  1. Bong says:

    Happy first year Knowledge Futures!!!

    Your blog breathes and that creates something.



    xxox: I added your blog to my blogroll.

  2. Happy Birthday! Yes, can you work towards getting Australian public servants permission to talk about the work they do (so far as it does not affect national security)? We need to learn so fast as a profession, that this disabling of shared experience is crippling us. Carry on the good work and break a few rules along the way. See you in October?

  3. Happy birthday to you,
    who once studied in zoo,
    you’re now part of the blogosphere
    and a welcome one too !

    (Its the best I could come up with in two minutes.)

  4. Jack Vinson says:

    Happy blogoversary, Luke. Hope you keep enjoying it!

  5. Nerida Hart says:

    Happy blog anniversary Luke

    You are still at least 12 months ahead of me – I don’t think I could manage anything profound once a month -let alone twice a week 😎

  6. Thanks all for your feedback (even including Frank’s poem!)

    It’s good to hear responses occasionally – makes it seem less like a monologue.
    I’ll respond to Patrick’s comment next post.

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