Smart, Balanced, Fair and Simple

Interesting article the other day by ex-VicHealth boss Rob Moodie on the future design of Australia’s health system – a recent topic of debate in the faux Federal Election. 

He wishes for a health system, rather than a sickness system – one that focuses on maximising health rather than treating illnesses.  I like how the design of that system needs to cover just four things; smart, balanced, fair and simple.  Smart in investing earlier in prevention and education strategies, balanced so it is not out of kilter like the US system, fair to address inequality, simple with fewer more integrated systems across the tiers of government.  I also like his use of the term diabesity that links the health issues of diabetes and obesity.

These four principles are excellent criteria to apply in any form of system design and I like it particularly because it does not mention cost.  If you do these others, then cost will look after itself!


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