Revisiting the Knowledge Energy Equation

Some time last year, I wrote about the KM equation (E=mc2). 

A recent article about Gen Y and their attitudes to work noted that young employees want four things from their workplace; meaning, autonomy, feedback, and trust.  This  reminded me of the KM equation.

What the article was really trying to say was that Gen Y people want a vibrant and energetic workplace.  Now the first item about meaningful work directly relates to the meaning part of the KM equation.  It is a precursor to the others which are more about the work environment.  Autonomy has strong health benefits and generates a positive workplace through enabling workers to decide on work priorities.  Feedback obviously is in relation to assessing and monitoring performance and giving a few words of encouragement on a frequent basis. Finally trust in the working relationships is then developed if all of the above are first generated.  These last three items all require regular and quality communication – the other part of the KM equation.

It’s amazing how simple it is to reduce things down to easy mathematical equations – although these four items of meaning, autonomy, feedback and trust provide a slightly more sophisticated and nuanced view than just that KM equation!


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