actKM 2007 Day 1

Just a very quick update on progress at the end of Day 1 of the actKM conference being held in Canberra.

This conference is in a far more convivial setting; one that has a lot more intimacy which suits the high proportion of experienced practitioners in the audience.  The day’s program has been a real mix of erudite presentations, thoughtful contemplation, a bit hard of dense theory from yours truly with Richard Vines, and ending with some fun exercises on how to get workshop participants to engage in fun exercises from Arthur Shelley.  All up a great mix that worked really well.  Mark Schenk closed off the day well with some additional exercises.  And great to see the indigenous influence with both the presentation and the award ceremony tonight.

More considered reflection when that occurs (probably on the plane home tomorrow!).  It’s an amazing conference and one that I am still trying to get a handle on as to why I keep coming back!  Certainly part of it is the good conversations that bound the presentations and the lack of vendors. 


One Response to actKM 2007 Day 1

  1. Nerida Hart says:

    The papers for the actKM conference are now up on the actKM website at under the Knowledge base. The conference was definitely the best actKM conference I have ever attended.

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