Humour in the Workplace – Bring it on!!

The other day, I went along to a great presentation by Troy and Zara hosted by VPSCIN

It was great to be able to see them as the last couple of times they have presented I have missed out with work commitments (fancy work getting in the way of having a good time).

But there was a lot of interesting comments made by Troy and Zara about the importance of humour including:

  • Humour helps to take the negative emotion out of the problem-solving equation
  • Humour is an attitude, a decision, a mindset
  • Like creativity, humour is the ability to link seemingly unrelated concepts to create something new
  • 90% of our time is spent solving problems and only 10% spent on exploring the opportunities.

I learnt something from a Richard Bach book that there are only two things in life worth doing: having fun and learning.  With humour, you get to do both at the same time which makes it even more important.

Troy and Zara have an alternative acronym for GSOH (Good Sense of Humour) of Good Company, Sense of Perspective, Opportunity and Have Fun.  Sounds like pretty sage advice to me.

From a futures point of view, humour is closely linked to the importance of optimism and hope as positive dimensions of looking forward.  I though that there could be an interesting acronym for HOPE then as Humour (of course), Optimism, Persistence and Enthusiasm.  An alternative could be Humour, Optimism and Postive Energy which I like a bit more.  Many energy vampires out there (see Patrick Lambe’s description of the archetype for more information) tend to be quite draining and often negative. 

Have fun everyone, especially over Christmas if I don’t get to post again in the meantime.


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