Primary School or Passionate Schooling?

Tonight was my daughter’s graduation from Primary School.  Along with other proud parents, we trooped along to farewell the school of her early education.

Apart from the general excitement of the children who dressed to the max for the occasion, what really impressed me was the passion and emotion shown by the teachers during their speeches and as they presented each graduating child with their year book and other gifts.  Each of the four teachers gave heart-felt and passionate speeches, each was overcome with emotion at least once during their speech, and each expressed the joy that they received from being with our children and how they felt honoured and priviliged to have been their teachers.

Each of the teachers have been with the students for the past two years – that’s more than 400 teaching days.  And after all this time, that they still have such passion towards their profession and their students is just fantastic.  It helps that it’s a fairly small school with about 40 kids graduating this year. 

Some of the specific comments from the teachers were really interesting.  How they did not so much feel sadness at bidding these children goodbye, but that it was like a theatre show where they have tried to build up the kids’ confidence and skills to let them proceed on to the stage that is their next journey in life.  How their role as teachers is made so much easier by positive parenting in the home and that the kids are a reflection of their parents.  How many of the school support staff were in attendance as well throughout the graduation ceremony as part of the wider school program.  And their messages to the graduating children to proceed with confidence, to have a go, to do your best, and to not settle for complacency.

It was lovely to see such passionate people in their workplace, working with people day in day out, helping them learn new skills and try different things, to make a mess and be creative, and to look with positive expectations towards their future. That’s real KM and futures work in action and it’s such a shame that this passion, joy and excitement is often not seen in corporate workplaces!


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