Luke’s Dubai Adventure

For the past 6 months, our family has been working extremely hard to relocate my wife Lyn’s business (Kiva) to wonderful new premises.  And just when you think that things are getting close to normal, along comes an exciting new career opportunity for me elsewhere.

I am now in Dubai working with David Rymer on knowledge management projects for a business based in Dubai.  I arrived over here last Friday and will be here for about 6 months.  The work itself is fascinating, the experience will be fulfilling, and the money will help pay some bills. 

I will aim to post about some of the professional aspects and insights of the work on this blog over the next few months.  In the meantime, I have commenced another blog (lukedubai) that I will use as my travel journal for friends and family to see what I have been doing. 

Dubai is Corporate Disneyland, construction zone, global logistics hub, desert city and shopping mecca all rolled together.  I’m still getting my bearings and the culture change is slowly starting to subside.


2 Responses to Luke’s Dubai Adventure

  1. Anuj says:

    Well it seems that you’ve got to know a lot about that destination in a short span. Indeed, Dubai is a captivating destination and excellent if someone is aiming to relocate in Dubai for business. However, I don’t have any sort of business plans though being a enthusiastic traveler I’m desperate to visit Dubai. Last year all my close friends had a trip to Bubai but i was left behind because of some personal reasons but now this year I’m all set to fly down to Dubai to witness it’s enthralling beauty and captivating malls. I’ve already contacted my tour planners and they’ve promised me to provide an affordable holiday package to Dubai. I’m certain that I’ll spend a good time there but yeah I enjoyed reading your post write well.

  2. inshasoft says:

    Its WonderFul Post, Excellent work, keep it up

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