Regional Knowledge Resource Kit

My good friend Nerida Hart, who is now working at Land and Water Australia, has pointed me on a number of occasions to the Regional Knowledge Resources Kit.  I have had some cursory looks at it in the past but over the past couple of days I have looked at it in more detail and it is an incredibly valuable KM resource.  The work that they have done with the various regional bodies is amazing, brokering conversations amongst local practitioners to share knowledge and build connections. 

The Kit itself is full of great information and links to valuable resources.  It does not just have utility for regional land managers but for anyone who needs to work with a community to find out their particular needs, develop trusted relationships and develop strategies for implementing concrete actions that will create value for them.  One of the key insights for me from the conversation with Nerida today and delving into the site is that anecdote circles work best when the group knows each other a bit – so therefore it’s best to have anecdote circles during the middle of the process rather than at the start.

So make sure you add this to your KM favourites, the RKRK site.


4 Responses to Regional Knowledge Resource Kit

  1. Agreed, a very nice piece of work and well worth drawing it to the attention of our members in the Victorian Public Service where community engagement practice is increasingly in the spotlight.

  2. Nerida Hart says:


    The other ‘product’ we have developed is the NRM Toolbar – – this is our IT/information part of the Program. There are 3 main packages – 1 and 3 concentrate on the people aspects and package 2 is our information/IT enabler. For full information on the Knowledge for Regional NRM program see



  3. Menchaca says:

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