Mobile phone radiation, cancer and embedded electronics

Sometimes you see a couple of reports that are diametrically opposed to one another that have significant implications for our future.

One the one hand, there was a report quoting one of Australia’s top neurosurgeons who said that heavy use of mobile phones could double the risk of brain cancer and that immediate and decisive steps need to be taken.

But on the same page at the time, there was a link in the latest technological coverage of an interview with Martin Cooper, the inventor of mobile phones, who dreams of embedded wireless devices that can be powered by your body and help diagnose and cure illness. 

Now is there a link here?  Isn’t there a potential of radiation poisoning if we embed radiation-emitting devices in our bodies.  Personally, I have a concern over the amount of radiation that we are experiencing, particularly from mobile communications devices (note embedded devices like pacemakers are a different story).  Possibly some form of low radiation device that links with a more powerful device that you wear around your ankle might be better.  Just a note of caution to limit the use of these things – particularly for children.    


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