Web 2.0 interactivity matrix

Nice diagram on this post over at Visionary Marketing that plots various types of Web 2.0 social software on a pair of axes of interactivity and e-commerce. 

I particularly like the vertical line of blogs through forums and online discussions to wikis, increasing interactivity all the way through that line – and also that fully fledged e-commerce sites have little interactivity.

When I was working for the National Office for the Information Economy, we focused much of the work on e-commerce and building B2B partnerships between organisations in sectors to improve productivity.  This linked with clustering from an industry development viewpoint.  What was often missed here though was the link to customers and the democratisation of the value chain.  There is far more of this happening now with customers and clients being included directly in product design or concepts.  We started to do some work way back then on e-democracy as a method to incorporate online citizen feedback into policy development but it was all too hard back then. 


One Response to Web 2.0 interactivity matrix

  1. visionarymarketing says:

    Hi Luke, Thanks for your kind comments. I will include your blog in my blogroll asap. K Rgds. Yann

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