Dilbert’s Wally on Using Knowledge

A wonderful Dilbert cartoon came through yesterday featuring a discussion about knowledge.

I love the lines “Chasing knowledge is a fool’s game” and “I use experience to answer questions without the burden of knowledge”.

I confess to being a fool, a pure and unadulterated fool. I could critique how Wally differentiates between experience and knowledge but I believe that he would have difficulty answering the question to my satisfaction based on his experience!


3 Responses to Dilbert’s Wally on Using Knowledge

  1. Luke,

    Go easy on yourself, a fool yes but a pure an unadulterated one – I don’t think so.

    Only jesting – love the “unknowledgefutureslike” accompanying graphic. The associated colour resonates with the chimp within.


  2. Zimriel says:

    The problem could be architecture or it could be the routers. What Wally has told this guy is that his question was too specific (on the servers) for the larger problem (the whole network).

    Wally actually did some useful work here this once.

  3. […] doing the same type of “workplace humor.” So Walter in homage to the Dilbert character Wally, and Gilbert for […]

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