Holarchy and the Meaning of Life

Some people search for the meaning of life in their connections with others or with deep contemplation of inner mysteries or with heading up the chain to view mankind in connection with all other life (past, present and future).  Yet others search for it in the cosmos.  And others think that if they smash two itsy-bitsy particles together, they will find God’s particle in the Large Hadron Collider.

I love physics and the ability for mankind to build a massive 27 km ring that can smash tiny bits together is pretty cool. 

So I think that this little YouTube clip says it all really.  Anyone that can combine rap and physics in an educational clip has done extremely well.  Thanks to Cate via Facebook for the link. 

One day, I will get this blog hosted myself and I will be able to embed clips like this into it and also get a bit better theme than the one that I am currently using!


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