Knowledge and Networks

There has been a rich discussion lately on actKM following their conference.  Unfortunately, I missed out on this conference, the first one that I have missed out on for a number of years.  Being a few thousand kilometres away in Dubai does not help.  Hopefully, if I can get to the KM Asia conference next month, that might be some consolation – even if it is nowhere near as collaborative.

Greg Timbrell concluded one of his posts with the statement “The knowledge is in the network”.  Serena had earlier commented about the notion of distributed cognition where human knowledge and cognition are not confined to the individual but instead, distributed by placing memories, facts, or knowledge on the objects, individuals, and tools in our environment. 

These comments are ones that I agree with and why I enjoy working in the field of KM so much – that knowledge is out there – its communication is diffused through the relationships we build. 

I chuckled when I read Greg’s comment.  I misread it as “The knowledge IS the network” (my emphasis).  Maybe that misread is the more accurate description!  Maybe that lies closer to Pierre Teilhard de Chardin’s description of the noosphere, the ‘collective consciousness’ of human-beings that emerges from the interaction of human minds.


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