Luke Naismith Uncovered as an Acronym

I’ve been having some conversations lately about whether it is easier to observe your behaviour through other people’s eyes or your own.  I find it incredibly valuable to gain the perspective of trusted others.  And so when I was in Melbourne recently, someone described me using the letters in my name as the first letter for a word or phrase.  I think it is quite an accurate description!  And perhaps it is a better CV for me than my current one as I look now at the next stage of my career.  I have adjusted some of the descriptions for it to be a bit clearer.

L is for Levity – doesn’t take himself too seriously

U is for Upbeat – sees opportunities, not obstacles

K is for Knowledge Management – of course

E is for Experimental – always doing something different when facilitating


N is for Networker Extraordinaire – using Web 2.0 stuff like wikis and blogs

A is for Alternative Futures – of course

I is for Investment Logic Map Champion

S is for Stirrer – likes to stir the pot

M is for Magician – pulls strategies out of his hat

I is for Innovative – a round peg in a square hole in the public service

T is for Thinker – am I asleep or just thinking?

H is for Happening – never a dull moment with Luke around!


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