Three Illusions and More on Strategic Thinking

February 4, 2009

Some really nice posts (here, here and here) from a guest blogger spot over at the Cognitive Edge site by The Strategic Mind, The Journey to Leadership through Strategic Thinking which outlines seven core disciplines (‘Know Your Own Story’, ‘Think Small’, ‘Go Slowly’, ‘Serve Others’, ‘Reflect’, ‘Be Simple’, ‘Dream’)’ to improve our ability to think strategically.  I really like these and they resonate with me deeply.  Know your own story is required to excel in job interviews!  Think small, go slowly and serve others target working with people rather than trying to change everything and everyone all at once.  Reflect is necessary to ensure that you have integrity and remain true while Be Simple helps you aim for the key leverage points that will have maximum impact.  And finally dream is critical to envisage your desirable future.

I also like his three illusions although the first and third on the illusion of independence and the illusion of control can be combined.  The illusion of size is especially important – that bigger is not always best.

I’m also quite taken with the clarity of his four core elements of strategic thinking, that of challenging deeper assumptions and beliefs, seeing the whole picture rather than just the parts, determining patterns within the whole, and acknowledging our intuition. This could easily be four core elements of strategic foresight as well!

Keep it coming, Bob. And this is another book to add to my ever growing list of books to read!