Helping Children Love Reading

One of the big issues that we have in Dubai’s private schools is parent engagement in their children’s education.  Too many parents feel that it is the school’s responsibility to educate their children and that the parents can hand over that responsibility in full to the schools.  Yet many research studies have identified the link between improved early childhood development through reading and play with improved performance in academic and social outcomes later in life.  Therefore, it is essential that parents take the time to read to their children and foster a love of learning at an early age.

And so this article from the Guardian that identfies that reading aloud to children is the single most important activity for creating motivated readers.  The author highlights that parents need to model reading for pleasure so that their children can imitate that behaviour.  Even more importantly, he points out that reading to your children should be done in a theatrical manner, building suspense, being emotive and expressive.  Only in this way, will children see that reading is pleasurable and fun and that they will want to learn how to read for themselves! 


One Response to Helping Children Love Reading

  1. Yasser says:

    The Guardian is maybe referring to children in UK and generally in developed countries, but what about children in developing countries or poor countries, where illiteracy is high?
    In my current research related to the knowledge management in learning institutions in developing economies, I figured out the importance of teachers-parents for best learning, however, in such countries, the barrier that impede this scucess is the fact that learning system is organised following a Top-Down approach and not a Bottom-up approach in which parents and teachers will contribute also for the program conception.

    Thanks by the way for your blog, it is quite interesting.
    Best Regards.

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