Luke At Work

Hi there knowledge seekers of all types and persuasions.  Welcome to my blog!

My name is Luke Naismith and I am currently working in Dubai, United Arab Emirates.

This blog will consist of interesting ideas, insights and intellectual musings.  My keen interests are the intersecting areas between knowledge management, futures studies, systems thinking, new technology and applying all this to everyday life.

If you wish to contact me, email is best at
luke “dot” naismith “at” gmail “dot” com


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  1. Kaye Vivian says:

    Luke, I didn’t realize until today just how similar we are in our interests. I think if you check out my blog you will see it, too. Except for public sector of course…my background is pure professional services and business. But the real part that’s outside of what I do for a living is the kindred spirit. 🙂 I haven’t voiced much on the blog about my deep interest in emerging technologies and the future, or more new age interests, but that’s where the real passion is. Oh…and in multiplayer gaming, which you will spot immediately. I hope to meet you one day at a conference or something. We could have some fun conversations!
    Best wishes,

  2. […] its employees  a sense of belonging. From there, deeper levels of collaboration can emerge. As Luke Naismith states in his blog ‘Knowledge […]

  3. Biologist Lynn Margulis comments that ‘independence is a political concept, not a biological concept. Everywhere life displays itself as complex, tangled, messy webs of relationships.’ In natural systems disconnection and isolation usually represent dysfunction. The simplest definition of cancer is abnormal or uncontrolled cell division where some part of the body ignores the shared interests of the rest of the body. The isolation has become a manifestation and cause of dysfunction.

    Isolation has become a major issue in our society – the well-informed organization provides its employees a sense of belonging. From there, deeper levels of collaboration can emerge. As Luke Naismith states in his blog ‘Knowledge Futures‘:

    One particular point from today was that two of the main things that people want out of work is validation and to feel like they belong. Validation in the sense that the work outputs that they perform are acknowledged and the ideas that they have for improvement are given a hearing. Sense of belonging as people at work want to feel part of a team and community.

    It’s almost as if we have been trained to perceive interdependence as some sort of ‘weakness.’ Maybe some day we will evolve to the extent that there will be a holiday to celebrate ‘interdependence’ rather than ‘independence’. The holiday could be a public acknowledgement (and celebration) of how interdependent we really are.

  4. mike says:

    Luke, do you still believe that “You can’t do knowledge management until you accept that you can’t manage knowledge.” This quote was attributed to you in 2005, and I’d be interested in whether your view has evolved, or if you’d otherwise care to elaborate. appreciate your “6 eyes” construct. cheers, mike

  5. Shampa Batabyal says:

    Dear Luke,
    Today i need some support urgently and i get it this side, thanks for the same. Keep in touch and provide me support in terms of developing my knowlege. I am doing consultancy in development sector i.e. rural ares for non govermental organizations and coorporate sector also for their capacity building trainings, PRA etc in India

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