Best wishes for the Festive Season

December 26, 2006

To all in the blog reading world out there – my best festive season wishes and I hope that you have a wonderful 2007. 

For myself, it’s been quite a hectic 2006.  Highlights include the 15 day holiday through Malaysia with the family, speaking engagements at KM Australia, AGLIN, a futures workshop in Canberra for the APSC with Tess and Bron,  KMLF workshop, actKM with my wife Lyn  Also work highlights include coordination for PAEC Hearings and the Election (not sure if I could really call them highlights!), speech writing for the Secretary, completing various strategy documents and facilitating planning days.  And of course setting up this blog at long last, initially just to coin the term infoluenza but since then to put some other views out there and enter the Web 2.0 era.

2007 looks like being seriously busy as well.  I have been given the OK to conduct some futures work within Justice which I am rapt about.  I now have some space and resourcing to do this which is even better and should be able to leverage off the workshops that Richard Slaughter recently conducted for many Justice staff.  Outside of work, we are looking to move Lyn’s work into a bigger and better premises which will require a lot of planning and cash!

Have a great 2007.