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The Kiva Wellbeing Centre is run by my wife, Lyn Naismith.

Kiva is located at 212 Canterbury Road, Blackburn South in Melbourne and offers a range of natural therapies for its clients.  Modalities offered include relaxation and therapeutic massage therapy, kinesiology, reiki, counselling and ear candling.

The Kiva Wellbeing Centre provides a tranquil, nurturing and healing environment that supports the inspiration and empowerment of its clients towards their total health and wellbeing.

Sessions are available by appointment Monday to Saturday. 
To book, phone 9878 0890

For more information, see Kiva’s website at

2 Responses to Kiva

  1. Heidi says:

    I’m a client of Lyn’s and see that Kiva has been sold. What has happened? Have you come back to Australia? Is Lyn still practicing?

  2. Mum says:

    @ Heidi, from what I’ve read on the net Lyn, is currently in UAE on leave. Sad because I was her client as well and she is terrific. Hope she comes back to Blackburn soon.

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