One of the things I really enjoy doing is giving presentations at conferences, seminars and small groups. 

This is quite an amazing turnaround for me.  In my youth, I would not be able to string more than 10 words together in a public speaking environment without breaking into a cold sweat. Part of my growth was giving about 50 PC training courses in the late 1980s which forced me to learn the craft of presenting.

I’ll be adding presentations to this page and hyperlinking the relevant areas shortly.

This is work in progress at this stage.

Forthcoming Presentations

None at this stage!

Presentations that I have recently done:

actKM 2006 – Canberra – October – Working with Knowledge Energies
 Here is the abstract and here is a short recap of what we covered.

Ark Group Australia – KM Australia 2006 – August – Content Management Futures

AGLIN (Australian Government Library and Information Network) – July 2006 – Infoluenza: The Librarian’s Lament – renamed to The Conference at the End of the Presentation  (a synopsis of a great conference of librarians and information professionals)

Australian Public Service Commission – Workforce Planning Futures – June 2006 – Canberra – with Bronwynne Jones from Lookout Futuring Services and Tess Walton from Aruspex

actKM Monthly Meeting – May 2006 – Eyeing the Knowledge Management Seas:  Exploring the Surface and Delving its Depths 

Monash University Masters of KM class – March 2006 – The KM Standard and a bit more

Melbourne KMLF monthly meeting – February 2006 – The KM Standard and a bit more


One Response to Presentations

  1. have added your blog to my blog roll – if you visit my site and see a fit – I’d love you to blogroll mine – I think we have quite a lot in common – why have you not joined P2P Foundation NIng group yet Luke?

    Would like to send you an e-copy of my book (Teaching an Anthill to Fetch) let me know if you’d like to receive it.

    Kind regards

    Steve J

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